Construction Heavy Equipment Pre-Use Inspections

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The construction industry is a risky business.  Different accidents occur and they vary depending on the type of job and equipment used.  A typical type of incidence is the use of faulty equipment.  Here is a check-list to make sure that safety is a priority when you are using many types of heavy machinery:

  • Inspectors must note the date an inspection is undertaken and their name should be placed on the sheet. Equipment must be correctly identified.
  • Machinery fluid levels must be checked before operation.  Gauges should also be looked at to ensure proper functionality.
  • All visible movable components must be working properly.  These include tires, fans, wiper blades and dump beds which should be able to move easily.
  • All safety equipment has to be inspected, including warning sounds, mirrors, lights, seat belts and general cleanliness.
  • All equipment that requires safety covers (i.e.guards) should have such and if safety covers are open, machines should not be able to function.
  • Construction equipment used on the road (like earth moving machines or bulldozers) will have safety features in their cabs.  Displays and switches should be inspected carefully.  Light bulbs that have burnt out must be attended to.
  • Moving parts need lubrication and with frequent operation, they can dry out quickly.  Levels should be topped up during inspection.  Machines that have electric motors or fuel tend to have cooling systems which must be checked thoroughly and made sure that the lubrication levels are right.  Gears, cams and shafts must be in adequate operating order.
  • A drive train is needed to transmit power to equipment.  All engines must be looked at for filters, connections and fluid levels.  Heavy construction equipment will typically have diesel or gasoline engines.
  • A machine’s tires must always have sufficient tread, regardless of whether they are used on the road or not.  Track treads must be adequately lubricated.


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