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Dave Weber


Dave Weber is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief here at SafetyAwakenings.com.  He has a master’s degree in occupational safety & health and over 40-years of workplace safety experience.  

Dave lives in Wisconsin with his wife Judy.  Prior to creating this website he –

  • Managed corporate environment health & safety departments for five international corporations
  • Developed and taught postgraduate courses in occupational safety, industrial hygiene, and human factors engineering as an assistant professor at two universities
  • Worked in the home office of Wausau Insurance and Liberty Mutual Insurance as Director of Policyholder Education and Custom Accounts Loss Control Manager
  • Managed casualty loss control departments at three leading insurance brokers
  • Served as a safety inspector and industrial hygienist for OSHA


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Dave Weber is available on a limited basis for: consulting, training, program audits, and presentations.  For more information, please email –  Dave@SafetyAwakenings.com.



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