Anti-Fatigue Slip-Resistant Floor Mats

January 6, 2013 Dave Weber No Comments



Most companies have concrete floors in their production areas.  Standing all day on a bare concrete floor is stressful on a workers’ feet, legs, knees, and hips.  I’ve known of serious cases of varicose veins and knee injuries that occurred because of prolonged standing on a hard floor.

Some employers provide employees with thin inexpensive mats to stand on.   They quickly wear out creating a tripping hazard.



In other cases, employees are on their own to find something soft to stand on.  Sometimes workers will use cardboard boxes.  While flattened boxes do offer some cushioning, they also create a slip and fall hazard.



For fixed work stations, employers should purchase quality, anti-fatigue, slip-resistant floor mats for their employees to stand on.  Often I see such mats used in: wet areas, kitchens, bars, food processing, service counters, and behind registers.

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