25 Articles on Home Safety

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Lovetoknow.com is a fun website to visit.  They claim to have “everything you’d love to know”.

One of the many subjects that they cover is household safety.   They have 25, short, free articles on  home  safety subjects.  These articles would be suitable for tool box meetings, and for sharing with your family.   Below are the links to these articles: 


Autumn Home Safety

 Chemical Safety Tips

Christmas Light Safety

Electrical Safety Tips at Home

High Resolution Outdoor Security Cameras

Home Appliance Safety Training

Home Safety Hazards

Home Safety PowerPoint Presentation

HotStop Anti-Scald Faucet: Interview with Marcy Guterman

How to Dispose of Fluorescent Tubes Safely

Kerosene Heater Hazards

Kitchen Hazards

Kitchen Safety Coloring Book

Outdoor Safety Tips

Personal Home Computer Security System

Recognizing Hazards at Home

Safety Procedures for Ice and Snow

Safety Tips for Cleaning Up Snow and Ice at Home

Safety Tips for Everyday Life

Snow Removal Safety Tips

Swimming Pool Chemical Storage Safety

Thaw Meat Safely

Wireless Infrared Home Security System

Yard Work Safety

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Safety Articles

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