New Uses for Printed Barricade Tape

December 24, 2013 Dave Weber No Comments

Barricade tape is an indispensable safety product that every safety professional should have on hand at all times.  This tape can prevent accidents by providing a highly visible warning of temporary hazards.  It can be put up quickly by tying it, nailing it, or stapling it to a fixed object. 
Below are a couple of uses for barricade tape that you might not have thought of – 
  • Use tape to provide interim protection when a hazard occurs.  For example: an employee was using a side loader to raise a bundle of cardboard to the top level of a rack.   He raised the mast too high and pushed the overhead bridge crane out of its’ tracks!   Fortunately, this 10-ton crane did not fall 20 feet to the ground, but it was sitting precariously on the crane rails only partially supported!  The crane was then locked out, and  I completely surrounded the area under the crane with barricade caution tape to prevent employees from walking under it while it was being repaired.        
  • Use tape to protect and preserve the scene of accidents.  A company had an on-the-job fatality.   The local police got to the scene of the accident and completely surrounded it withbarricade tape.  This was done to protect evidence.   The police soon left, but the barricade tape was left up because the OSHA investigator was on his way, and he too would want the accident scene to be protected and preserved.  The tape remained in place until OSHA completed their investigation. sells over 400 different types of barricade tape.  Many rolls cost less than $10!  To order, just click on the Amazon ad on the bottom of this page and do a search using the words “barricade tape”.

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