Do You Need Certificates of Insurance?

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A contractor is anyone who comes onto your premises to perform work; and is not an employee, visitor, or volunteer.   Typical contractors include: plumbers, electricians, roofers, HVAC, landscapers, cafeteria workers, temp employees, lawn mowers, snow removal services, and custodial services.

If a contractors’ employee working on your premises is hurt on-the-job, you could end up paying for the injury!   To protect yourself from this exposure, be sure to get a certificate of insurance from all contractors before hiring them.   

A certificate of insurance verifies that the contractor has both liability insurance and workers compensation (WC)  insurance.  The first time you get a certificate of insurance, show it to your insurance agent and ask them to review it with you.  Among other things, the agent will evaluate: the financial strength of the contractors’ insurance company, the adequacy of the limits, and the effective dates.

Contractors are regularly asked for certificates of insurance, and will be happy to give you one at no cost.   It is especially important to get them from smaller contractors, because they are more likely not to have insurance than a larger company.   Also, if you use temp workers, be sure to get a certificate of insurance from the temporary employment agency. 


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