Chemical Data Sheets For Non-Technical People

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Ever try to explain a MSDS or SDS sheet to a non-technical person?  It’s really tough to communicate advanced scientific terminology to employees who have little education in this area – especially if English is their second language.

The CDC has developed downloadable fact sheets on hundreds of chemicals that explain their hazardous properties in simple, easy to understand language.   This free on-line data base is called ToxFAQs.

ToxFAQs™ is a series of summaries about hazardous substances developed by the ATSDR Division of Toxicology.  Information is excerpted from the ATSDR Toxicological Profiles and Public Health Statements.  Each fact sheet serves as a quick and easy to understand guide.  Answers are provided to the most frequently asked questions about exposure to common hazardous substances.

For even more information on chemical safety and toxicology, check out our toxicology webpage!


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