When Do You Need a Toxicologist?

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Toxicology is defined as the science of poisons.  It involves the study of the effects of chemicals on living organisms.  A toxicologist is one who specializes in the study of the effects of poisons on the human body.

Toxicology is a broad field of study.  Some toxicologists specialize in “product safety”, while others specialize in “industrial & occupational toxicology”.   It is these occupational toxicologists that have expertise that may be of value to our workplace safety and health programs.  Here are a few ways these occupational toxicologists might be able to help you with your workplace safety and health program:

  •  Provide written reports on the adverse health/environmental effects of chemicals
  •  Developing a toxicity testing strategy for new chemicals 
  •  Interpret the results of toxicology studies 
  •  Occupational chemical exposure assessment, and the effects of exposure
  •  Material Safety Data Sheets and labeling
  •  Cancer, birth defects, and other diseases with a possible chemical causation
  •  Environmental pollutants in soil, water and air
  •  Superfund and toxic waste site risk assessment
  •  Indoor air pollutants and sick building syndrome
  •  Worker’s compensation litigation support and expert witness
  •  Communication of chemical exposure risks to juries, the press and the public


Should you someday find yourself in need of a toxicologist to help you in one of the above areas, you will find many well qualified occupational toxicologists here  –  http://www.toxconsultants.com/consultants/

For even more information on chemical safety and toxicology, check out our toxicology webpage!


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