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Guest Author

 Carrie Taylor

Today’s Guest Author & Ergonomist


The Taylor’d Ergonomics website offers free and modestly priced ergonomics awareness resources.  Free resources include samples of our one-page “ergo extra” articles on a variety of topics including office ergo assessment criteria and  “What is ergonomics?’   Our licensed “ergo extras” also include over a hundred contests and puzzles that can be used to keep employees interested in ergonomics at work and at home.  

Current and back-issues of our free newsletter, published four times per year, are posted there.  The newsletter address current issues in ergonomics, such as the best way of treating back pain, the treadmill desk, and ergo technique training.  

Our blog is also updated on a frequent basis; we have discussed topics ranging from golf to the e-reader/paperback debate.  Follow our blog through the RSS feed, or through facebook or linked in.

Taylor’d Ergo also offers modestly priced resources that allow companies with established ergo programs to maintain momentum in their programs through posters, awareness sessions, and promotional ergo products that you can hand out to employees, such as water bottles, jar openers, and tote bags with professional “ergo” graphics.  

Let us know that you heard about us on and we’ll offer you a 10% discount on your first awareness product order. 


Guest author Carrie Taylor is the principal ergonomist for Taylor’d Ergo, which she incorporated in 1995.  Carrie and her team offer over 50 years combined experience in ergonomics, including work in automotive parts and assembly, office, health care, chemical, food processing, and many more industries.  Taylor’d Ergonomics is an ergonomics consulting company in southwestern Ontario.  We service clients in many sectors, within an hour radii from our offices in London, Stratford, Cambridge, and Mississauga.  We offer a full range of ergonomics program support services, including physical demands descriptionsergo assessments, job coaching, demands-abilities evaluation (for return-to-work and stay-at-work programs), ergo design reviews, trainingheat stress prevention programsergo audits, and more. 


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