How To Find A Company’s Fleet Safety Record

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There is a free website that will tell you detailed information on any United States transportation company’s safety record – including their roadside inspection results, drivers’ moving violations, drug/alcohol use, crash information, and overall safety rating.   Use this to check a prospective carrier’s  safety record before hiring them to transport your products or people.  

This website I’m referring to is the US Department of Transportation’s SAFER Web.   To do a free search, just click in the circle next to “name”, and then enter the companys’ name in the white box.  After you click  “search” you will be taken to a page that will probably have the names and addresses of a number carriers with names similar to the one you entered.  Look over this list and click on the company that your are interested in checking. 

You will now be taken to that companys’ SAFER Web statistics page.  Here you will find the following information:

  • number of vehicles
  • number of drivers
  • total annual mileage
  • type of cargo carried
  • vehicle roadside inspection results
  • out of service violations
  • detailed crash information
  • how the safety record compares with nat’l averages
  • the overall safety rating


If you want even more safety data on that carrier, just click on the words “SMS Results” on the upper right corner of the SAFER Web statistics page,  and you will get the following additional information:

  • serious safety violations
  • moving violations (speeding tickets, seat belt violations, running lights, etc.)
  • drug / alcohol use while driving
  • vehicle maintenance violations
  • fatigued driving / hours-of-service violations


Unfortunately, you are limited on the number of searches that you can perform on one visit.   So if your searches don’t work after a while, you might want to either go to another computer, or try searching another day.


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