“Managing Safety: The Definitive Guide”

April 16, 2018 Dave Weber No Comments


Our friend Terry Daine just published a terrific, totally free, safety and health resource that we couldn’t wait to tell you about!  It’s an online publication entitled “Managing Safety: The Definitive Guide“.

This eight chapter booklet expresses complex safety and health principles in easy to understand terms.  It’s also very eye appealing, with lots of original illustrations and graphics.

Readers are given an overview of the Occupational Health & Safety Management Process from the 30,000 foot level.  Main subject areas covered include:


   # Managing Safety: Understanding The Benefits

   # Plan, Do, Check, Act: An Effective Safety Management System

   # Demonstrate Your Safety Vision: Policy and Planning

   # Risk Profiling: What Could Cause Harm and How

   # Measuring Performance: If You Never Check, You’ll Never Know

   # Learn Lessons and Go Again: Never Stop Improving

   # Forget Managing Safety: Lead Safety

   # Next Step: The Future of Health and Safety


This short and easy-to-read publication is a “must read”  for all H.R professionals, Risk Managers, supervisors, and safety students.



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