New Study on “Violence In The Workplace”

September 19, 2012 Dave Weber No Comments





Assaults  (violent acts) are one of the top ten causes of disabling work injuries.   The NCCI just published a new 26-page study entitled  “Violence In The Workplace“.  This report includes lots of very interesting conclusions based upon nationwide accident statistics on work-related homicides and injuries.

Some of the more interesting findings include:

  • The jobs that have the highest homicide rates are:  service station attendants, barbers, taxi drivers, security guards, door-to-door vendors, and lodging managers.
  • “Workplace homicides are not crimes of passion committed by disgruntled coworkers and spouses, but rather result from robberies”.
  • “The majority of workplace assaults are committed by healthcare patients.”
  • “Homicides account for 11% of workplace fatalities”.
  • “Homicides due to robberies… make up 69% of all work-related homicides.  While homicides due to coworkers are about 12%.”


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