Free Poster – “OSHA’s Top 10 2015 Violations!”

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OSHA Top 10 Violations of 2015

OSHA’s Top 10 2015 Safety Violations


Every year OSHA publishes an updated list of it’s top 10 most frequently cited occupational safety and health violations.

Our friends at just published a free, downloadable, infographic on OSHA’s top 10 violations for 2015.  Click here to download a full-sized, beautifully colored, digital PDF file of this new infographic.

Print it up on your desktop printers and post it on your safety bulletin boards (like a safety poster).  Hand it out or pass it around at your next employee safety meeting where you discuss OSHA’s most common safety violations with your employees.

Like most of us, most OSHA inspectors are creatures of habit.  They tend to focus on the same safety hazards and violations at all of the employers that they visit.  That’s why you will see very little change in OSHA’s top 10 safety violations from year to year.

As a safety professional charged with both preventing on the job accidents, and complying with governmental safety regulations, you need to be aware of which standards OSHA inspectors are focusing on.  One proven method of helping to insure that your company does not receive citations and fines from OSHA when they visit your locations is to know what their top 10 safety violations are, familiarize yourself with these standards, and develop controls and programs designed to bring your employer into compliance with them.

For even more information on this subject, click here for a short “podcast” by Dan Clark with the “Safety Experts Talk” department at Creative Safety Publishing.


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