Prevent Natural Gas Explosions

July 25, 2013 Dave Weber No Comments


Most buildings have gas regulators (like the one you see above) that are located somewhere on the outside of the building.  Often, they are next to a parking area or loading dock.  

In many parts of the world, it snows in the winter.   If a car or truck slid on ice or snow and struck one of these gas regulators a fire or explosion could occur.  Where is your gas regulator located?   Is it protected from vehicle collision by rigid concrete posts like you see above?  

If a gas line should break inside of the plant, does someone on each shift know where the main gas shut off valve is?  In the winter months is the main shut off valve kept free of ice and snow?  Is the special tool that is needed to shut of the main gas valve readily available, and is there a back up tool? 

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