Safer Utility Knives and Box Cutters

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Utility knives, carton cutters,  and box cutters are used for a variety of cutting and trimming jobs (e.g. opening boxes/cartons/sacks, cutting plastic banding and carpet, etc.).  Unfortunately, old style cutters and knives each year account for thousands of laceration type injuries

In recent years, there have been a number of safety equipment suppliers who have started selling “safety” utility knives and box cutters.   These knives are designed to reduce laceration injuries.  Also,  many are ergonomically designed to reduce stress on workers hands and wrists.  Below are links to some vendors of these new and improved cutters:


Remember that whether using an old style cutter or a new style safety knife to follow these safety practices  –

  • keep both your knife hand and the knife’s handle clean and dry for a good grip
  • replace blades when dull or broken
  • inspect the knife before use and never use a defective knife
  • don’t carry a knife that has an exposed blade
  • wear a cut resistant glove on your non-knife hand
  • cut away from yourself


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