Are You Using The Correct Wheel Chocks?

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Each year there are numerous serious accidents that occur when a semi-trailer rolls away from a dock while it is being boarded by a fork truck.   OSHA has long recognized this serious hazard, and has a standard on it that reads – 

“The brakes of highway trucks shall be set and wheel chocks placed under the rear wheels to prevent the trucks from rolling while they are boarded with powered industrial trucks.” 

Wheel chocks come in dozens of sizes and styles.  Some are only 3 inches high, while others are 9 inches high.   Some companies I have worked with just purchase whatever wheel chock is cheapest.  This is not the proper approach to take.

Chocks should be purchased based on the size of the tires they will be used on.   With some trucking companies now using low profile tires, your current wheel chocks may no longer be the proper size.

eHow has an article onHow to Size Wheel Chocks” .  It offers some tips on how to select wheel chocks based upon the size of the tire.  Also, it talks about the circumstances that would require two chocks (instead of the usual single chock).

Today, there are also modern automated systems calledvehicle restraintsthat you can buy that provide even better protection than wheel chocks.  If you are building a new loading dock, or planning an upgrade of your existing dock please consider installing a modern vehicle restraint system. sells over 1,900 different wheel chocks.  Many cost less than $10!  To order, just click on the Amazon ad below and do a search using the words “wheel chock”.


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