Air Sampling Primer & Free Loan Equipment

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When I worked for OSHA and for large private companies, I had my own air sampling equipment.   Now, as an independent consultant, I no longer own my own air testing instruments – I borrow them from a Connecticut company  for free! 

I have found that borrowing air sampling pumps and calibrators (and paying for the sample analysis) is allot cheaper and easier than maintaining your own equipment.   Also, on rare occasion, I have a need for specialized pieces of equipment (e.g. high flow pumps for hexavalent chromium sampling).  For me, it makes more sense to rent such specialized equipment rather than purchase it.

Over the years, I have used equipment from various labs.  Currently I am using the Travelers Laboratory in in Windsor, Connecticut.  this lab is accredited by the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) and uses analytical protocols that meet or exceed OSHA standards.  I am very happy with their equipment, services and pricing. 

The Travelers Lab provides pump rental and sampling media free of charge when you send your samples to them for analysis!  It couldn’t be easier.   The Travelers Lab provides:



For more information on the Travelers Lab, call  1-800-842-0355

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