Women’s Safety and Health Issues

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America’s work force has changed quite a lot in the last 50 years.  Though there are still more men in the workforce, the percent of women working has steadily increased from 34% in 1950’s to 60% today.

Women often face different workplace safety and health challenges than men do; partly because men and women tend to have different kinds of jobs.   Because of this, men and women experience different job-related problems. In terms of health, women generally have more work-related cases of carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, respiratory diseases, infectious and parasitic diseases, and anxiety and stress disorders compared to men.

NIOSH (The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health) has conducted many studies aimed at improving job safety and health for women.  Copies of these studies can be found here.   Topics addressed include:

  • reproductive health
  • bloodborne diseases
  • cancer
  • ergonomics and muscle/bone disorders
  • personal protective equipment
  • respiratory diseases
  • serious injuries
  • workplace stress


Here are a few other links on interesting gender related workplace safety and health issues:



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