40 Articles For HR Professionals With Safety Responsibilities

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Articles For HR Professionals With Safety Responsibilities



These days, we often find that HR professionals also have safety responsibilities –

  • At many medium and small-sized companies, managers will wear two hats.  For example, the HR manager may be responsible for both HR duties and administering the occupational safety and health program.
  • At some larger sized companies, the safety manager will report to the HR director.


In either of the above two scenarios, the HR director (or manager) will need to have a broad knowledge of the field of safety and health.

Below are links to 40 articles that have been published on SafetyAwakenings.com that concern safety subjects that should be of interest to HR professionals with safety responsibilities. Each article was written by a “Certified Safety Professional” (CSP) with over 40-years of experience in private industry, government, and academia.


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