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Hundreds of safety apps have been developed for mobile devices such as smart phones.  These safety apps have been designed to help safety professionals control workplace accidents and illnesses.  Unfortunately, many of these safety apps are nothing more than fancy advertisements, toys, or a quick way for the developer to make a buck.

However, there are a few outstanding workplace safety apps that are must-have tools for every progressive safety professional.  But who has the time to review hundreds of safety apps in order to identify the best ones?  We do!

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We test “Apple” mobile apps on version 4 Apple iPads.  Each app is rated from to ♥♥♥♥♥ (♥♥♥♥♥ is the best).

Android apps

We test “Android” mobile apps using Samsung Galaxy Tab 3s.   Our Android app ratings are highlighted in an Android green color.


Below is the archive of all of the safety apps that we have reviewed to date:



  Safety App Of The Week Archives 






Lifting / Manual Material Handling



Employee Evaluations / Screening



Safety Inspection / Audit



Accident Investigation





Risk Assessment



Job Safety Analysis / Job Observation



Safety Management



Fire Prevention



Emergency Preparation & Response



First Aid



Machine / Task Specific



Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)



Electrical Safety



Safety Standards



Safety Magazines



Industrial Hygiene



Toxicity Data Bases & MSDSs (SDSs)



Noise Measurement



Professional Development



Falls From Heights



Employee & Supervisor Training



Working Alone


Our Favorite Safety Apps


Safety Apps That Didn’t Make The Cut

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